About SciFi-Web

SciFi-Web is a website dedicated to listing and discussing Science Fiction and Fantasy Genres' ... regardless of their type. Although we have many TV and Movie titles listed, it is our goal to expand this list. When we get the time and an idea for another Genre, we add it but we could really use your help. We would like to build one of the largest Science Fiction repositories on the web. To accomplish our goal we desparately need your feedback and suggestions.
When you go to our Favorites page if you don't see your favorite genre', please use the form there to suggest it. It does not matter if it's film or print, well know or obscure, corny or cool. If you love "Plan 9 from Outer Space" or "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" here's your chance to let someone know. We will add them all because we would like a complete reference. Remember, this is for all of us to enjoy, we like jokes but keep them safe and clean.

Please check all blasters, disruptors, plasma coil rifles, photon detinators and other weapons at the door then come in and enjoy yourself. This is about fiction so let your imagination run free!

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